7 Data Innovation Projects Win Funding to Tackle Local Challenges (SuitAbility is one of them)

We are pleased to share that SuitAbility will be part of one of the 7 projects selected by Data4SDGs. This project “aims to create evidence-driven planning in Indonesian cities to disrupt the status quo of slow and rigid planning processes. It will do so by producing disaggregated data and integrating national planning standards and survey and census results with global data sets and satellite imagery. It will promote an ecosystem approach that establishes data governance for disrupting institutional siloes. [Read More]

4th High Level Meeting

BAPPEDA Kota Semarang presents an application case for SuitAbility

BAPPEDA Semarang presented a SuitAbility application case at the 4th High Level Meeting on Country-Led Knowledge Sharing, in Bali. The presentation included an assessment to identify areas in the city with a lack of hospitals. Pak Arsyad (BAPPEDA Semarang) mapped hotspots in the city with high population living far away from hospitals and discussed other possible applications for the tool.