CAPSUS team gathered information from different sources and developed a dataset for Palu, Indonesia. This dataset was included in the City Planning Labs tool, Suitability, and an index was developed to identify suitable and unsuitable areas for settlement relocation due to the natural disasters occurred in September 28th. The Suitability dataset for Palu was built with more than 20 layers, including built-up area in selected years, nighttime lights, altitude, slope, proximity to commercial buildings, markets, schools, hospitals, clinics and risk areas.

We combined layers, normalization rules, and filters, and identified priority areas. The following map describes areas with a high suitability index:

Palu map - Disaster prone area

This analysis was carried out to exemplify where priority areas were identified for disaster-prone areas that suffered direct impact. The present case study should serve as an example of how the Suitability tool and its methods can be used for spatial planning. Practitioners and decision makers are encouraged to test other combinations of layers, filters, normalization rules and weights to identify their own optimal locations.

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